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Oji-Cree (eastern finals) Wooden Syllabic Symbols

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Oji-Cree (eastern finals) Wooden Syllabic Symbols
Oji-Cree (eastern finals) Wooden Syllabic Symbols

Perfect for small hands to help learn to read and write Oji-Cree. Please note that this set has the eastern finals.

The symbols are laser-cut from 1/4 inch balsa wood.

The regular symbols are approximately 1.5 inches tall and the finals are .5 to .75 inches tall.

The surface is unfinished and can be painted or coated in a clear coat varnish.

Syllabic symbols come in a handy white storage box.

List of included syllabics is available.

Other quantity combinations are available upon request. Please contact us at whitefoxlearning@yahoo.com for a custom order form.

Please check the syllabic list chart to make sure this is proper set for you. If you need changes, please email me for a quote for your syllabic chart.

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