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Please note that, due to supply chain issues, I will no longer be offering the die cut magnetic or bulletin board syllabic symbols.

New magnetic tile syllabic symbols will be introduced in the new year (2023).

Check out the collection titled "Language Learning Resources". The digital and printed teaching resources are available in any language or dialect. Check the product pages for more information.

I accept PO's from schools and organizations but due to the custom nature of the syllabic materials, I will need to receive payment before work begins on your order. This applies to orders that include wooden, acrylic and magnetic syllabic materials. Please email me at whitefoxlearning@yahoo.com for more information. Click here to download the order form.

When ordering the syllabic symbols, please communicate with me before ordering. I know that there are many regional and community dialect differences and I want to honour and support your language/dialect. Send me a copy of your syllabic chart so that I can be sure that all your syllabics are included in your set.

The syllabic symbols are also available individually so that you can build your own set. Again, please contact me about this.

 Located in Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Acrylic Syllabic Symbols